A good ventilation system is the be-all and end-all of a good production plant. If the air is not exchanged correctly, a good yield cannot be expected. In addition, the ventilation system is responsible for eliminating odours and, in the case of larger systems, for the clean supply of outside air. An optimal ventilation system consists of an exhaust air and a supply air. In the case of supply air, it is important to filter the supplied air by means of particle or pollen filters. In the case of exhaust air, the air is filtered by means of activated carbon filters in order not to annoy the neighbours with unnecessarily strong odours. Normally a smaller volume than the exhaust air is measured for the supply air to create a negative pressure in the grow room.

We calculate the size of the exhaust fan with the following formula: Watt-power of the lighting / 2= size of the activated carbon filter + 20% = size of the exhaust air fan - 30% size of the supply air fan

Example: 2 x600 Watt =1200 Watt/2=600m3 Activated carbon filter + 20% =720m3 Exhaust air fan -30% = 504m3 Size of supply air fan

Lüftung: Lüfter, Rohre, Aktivkohlefilter, Geruchsneutralisation, Schalldämpfer, Pollenfilter, Umluft

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