Good irrigation can significantly increase yields. The plants love it when they receive a balanced water-fertiliser mixture several times a day. Good irrigation systems give the plants up to 8 times a day in small doses in the phase in which they need the most water by means of drip irrigation. Other systems, such as the Autopot system, are designed so that the plant can take whatever it needs from the nutrient solution.

There are 3 basic systems:

  • Passive systems without pump; These passive systems work without pump with very little pressure and only by gravity (Autopot, Big Drippa). The advantage is that they work without electricity, but they are normally only suitable for smaller systems up to 30 plants.

  • Irrigation with low pressure (irrigation with PVC pipes); These systems, as the name suggests, do not need high pressure, an inexpensive pump is usually enough to operate this system, they are more suitable for smaller grow rooms of 20-100 plants, because they do not work as accurately as the irrigation with high pressure.

  • High pressure irrigation (irrigation with PE pipes); this type of irrigation requires a pressure above 3 bar to open the valves. It is the most accurate of the systems and is particularly suitable for larger grow rooms from 100 plants. It needs a pump that can generate this pressure and preferably a solenoid valve to accurately control the enrolment pressure and prevent water from running out of the tank.
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