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We carry all products to successfully produce seeds and cuttings (clones). Here a small 1x1 of the seed and cuttings production:

Seed breeding:

First of all it is important that the seeds are properly stored when you dont need them right away. We recommend to store the seeds in the original packaging or in a quick-release bag in the fridge in a plastic box or in a jam jar together with rice, the rice will remove the moisture from the environment. In this way, the seeds retain their germination capacity.

The best way to germinate the seeds is as follows: First place the seeds in several layers of household paper, soak the paper with water and then place it in a well cleaned bowl. The seeds should never be touched by hand, but only with clean or disinfected tweezers. The shell should be kept at 25 degrees, preferably with a heat mat, heating cable and a thermoptimer that keeps the temperature constant at 25 degrees. After 1 - 5 days the seeds are germinated, if they need longer a mistake has mostly happened or the seeds are too old. After germination it is best to put them in Jiffys or Eazy Plugs with the root down and cover them with approx. 5mm Sustrat. Now the moment has come when the seedlings need enough light (in addition to the ground heat). The Flex from SANlight is the best light source, fluorescent tubes are also suitable.

Cuttings breeding:

Cutting cuttings is a small science in itself, just like flower production. First of all you need healthy and pest-free mother plants. For preparation, clean the rearing box well and disinfect it best. When cutting, make sure that a straight cut is made with a scalpel underneath an internode. The cuttings can be placed on Eazy Plug, Speedgrow or rock wool, whereby the Sustrat should be prepared with water and root fertilizer. You can also use a cloning agent on the side of the cut. It is best not to put the cuttings into the prefabricated holes that the cubes of the respective substrates have, but to make your own holes, so the cuttings hold better and the new roots are not damaged. The prospective cuttings need a constant soil and air temperature of 25 degrees and at the beginning an air humidity of approximately 100%, after a few days the air humidity can be reduced to 70%. They love it when they are sprayed every day with a light nutrient solution of Fish-Mix and root fertilizer.

When rearing seeds and cuttings, it is very important to pay attention to hygiene, this is the most important thing for successful rearing. In addition many successful seeds and cuttings breeders pay attention to the times which the lunar calendars indicate to them. A very good calendar is for example the Aussatkalender of Maria Thun.

Seeds & Cuttings Supplies: growing systems, Eazy Plug, Speedgrow, cutting substrates, heating mats etc.

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