Climate Control

The air conditioning technology includes devices that measure and/or influence the climate of a grow room by regulating air, heat and humidity. Air conditioning turns a grow room into a professional facility because it keeps the climate constant as the plants need it. In most cases energy can be saved by its use. As a rule of thumb, the following values are considered ideal:

  • Cuttings and seeds: Day phase with 18-22 hours light; 25 degrees soil and air temperature and approx. 80% humidity - in the night phase also 25 degrees

  • Plants in the vegetative stage, mother plants: Day phase at 16-20 hours light; 25 degrees air temperature, 60 - 80% humidity - at night phase 16 to 22 degrees

  • Photoperiodic plants in flowering stage: day phase in 12 h light; 25 degrees air temperature, 40 - 60% humidity in 12 h light - in night phase 15 to 22 degrees

  • Autoflowering plants in flowering stage: day phase at 16-20 h light; 25 degrees air temperature, 40 - 60% humidity - at night phase 18 to 22 degrees
Air conditioning: Thermo- hygrometer, climate controller, timer, humidifier


  • Thermo and Hygrometers

    Our thermo and hygrometers provide accurate readings for temperature and humidity. Monitor room climate and optimize your air conditioning.

  • Climate Controller

    Our climate controllers provide precise control over temperature and humidity. Customize your indoor climate for ultimate comfort.

  • Timers and Relays

    Our timers and relays provide precise control of air conditioning and ventilation systems. Optimize energy efficiency and comfort in your spaces.

  • Humidifiers - Mist Makers

    Our humidifiers and mist makers ensure optimal humidity levels. Enhance indoor air quality, prevent dryness, and enjoy a comfortable indoor climate.

  • Dehumidifier

    Our dehumidifiers reduce humidity, protecting your home from moisture and mold. Enhance air quality and comfort with our solutions.

  • CO2 and Heaters

    Our CO2 and heaters provide efficient control of indoor air quality and warmth. Monitor CO2 levels, adjust temperature, and create a healthy, comfortable indoor environment.

  • Climate Systems

    Our climate systems offer comprehensive solutions for optimizing indoor air. Regulate temperature, humidity, and air quality for a healthy and comfortable indoor environment. We provide various products, including air conditioning, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, and heaters.

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