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We have 4 different pot types:

  1. Square pots: Practical and inexpensive, with matching coasters. Square pots are perfect for the Sea of Green method. We carry them in sizes from 0.5 L to 30 L.

  2. Round pots: Round pots have a better root growth, because the root can grow better at the edge of the pot. They are mainly used for larger plants, especially on the balcony or outside. Our round pots are between 15 litres and 35 litres in size.

  3. Superroot Airpots: These Super pots are a further development of normal round pots. The special structure has several advantages: 1. the aeration of the soil is strongly increased, thus the danger of root rot is strongly reduced. 2. new roots are constantly being formed, thus a larger root ball is present, which contributes to an enormous plant growth. Due to their structure, these pots have an increased water requirement than other pot shapes.

  4. Root pouch pots: Root pouch pots are practical, they are light and their special structure allows the roots to branch out well. This textile structure allows good ventilation and cooling of the substrate. They can be used both indoors and outdoors.

pots / bases / tanks: root pouches, bases, flood tables, nutrient tanks

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