CANNA produces nutrients and nutrient media for the cultivation of fast-growing plants. Since its foundation in the early 1990s, all products have been scientifically tested prior to market launch. But even before this time, the founders carried out scientific research with plants.

CANNAs founders were not satisfied with the available and very limited range of fertilizers. They therefore developed a nutrient that quickly became successful. A shopkeeper who used this nutrient found that the quality of the crop grown on mineral wool was drastically improved in this way. The results were so good that the first-born twins of CANNA, CANNA Vega and CANNA Flores (now known as CANNA Hydro Vega/Flores) quickly went into mass production.

This marked the beginning of a business that within a few years had become the most innovative and reliable constant in the horticultural industry. However, this innovative approach did not only prove itself in the production of concrete products. CANNA also seems to be playing a pioneering role in detail. One result is the standard mixing ratio of 1:250 for nutrients that is commonly used and introduced by CANNA.

Canna - The solution for growth and bloom

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