Since there are growboxes the cultivation has become much easier. Because a Growbox is a closed system, where you can store everything; ventilation, lighting and growing system.

There are two different foils for the growboxes: The white foils (Homebox Ambient) and the foils with Mylar-like foils (Homelab, Secret Jardin, Gorilla).

The Mylar-like films have a better reflection value, but this is only better in the first few months than with a white film, because after a few months the water vapor that is excreted by the plants bleaches the film. In addition, the heat distribution is better with the Growboxes with white foil.

The size of the grow boxes depends on the space required by the plants. Sativa CBD hemp plants and CBD seed plants need boxes with a minimum height of 180cm because the plants need more height including the lighting. The Gorilla Boxes which can be raised to 240cm or the Ambient+ are also suitable for this purpose.

For Indica CBD plants and CBD cuttings smaller boxes can also be used.

There are also special box sizes (propagator and clone box) for growing cuttings.

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  • Secret Jardin

    Specialized in indoor grow tent (hydroponics), Secret Jardin provides professionals and beginners powerful and adapted tools. To obtain the best harvests, equip your grow tent with the right equipment specially designed for your plant. Whether it’s lighting, ventilation or accessories, Secret Jardin is constantly innovating to improve the quality and increase your yield.

    To satisfy any types of grow tent users, whether they are beginners or experienced, Secret Jardin has developed a complete range that meets their requirements. Find in our products page, which type will suit your need best. Our grow tents have special characteristics depending on whether they belong to the Hobby, Expert, Professional or Propagation range. Each one of you, farmer or grower, will find the grow tent adapted to his needs.

  • HOMEbox

    The HOMEbox® series offer improvements and advancements, many innovations and support a perfect harvest more than any previous indoor greenhouse! Since the invention of the first mobile growbox in 2001, we have constantly developed and improved our products. The result: HOMEbox® Ambient and Vista - the most modern mobile indoor greenhouses. Not only the uncomplicated assembly makes our products the ideal indoor greenhouse, but also further improvements and additional features convince experienced and recreational gardeners with the following features:

    • PAR+
    • Omniflow-Airvent
    • High load capacity
    • Double bottom
    • Total-Blackout-Reißverschlüsse
    • Connections
    • Stronger connections
  • Garden Highpro

    Since 2002 we have been producing material for homegrowing. You can find us all over the world. We have Worldwide distribution. Growtens, lamps, extractors, pots, accesories

  • Mammoth

    Welcome to Mammoth Tents, pioneers in mobile climate rooms. We offer the most extended line of sizes with 45 models in 5 different levels of quality. A mobile climate room for everyone.

  • Growboxes accessories

    Various spare parts for our offered grow boxes

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