Active Charcoal Filter

Everything about the activated carbon filters for ventilation systems, to accessories and spare parts.

Active Charcoal Filter for Ventilation Systems


  • Prima Klima Filters

    The premium activated carbon filters from Primaklimas Industry Line are known for their exceptional performance. For a better overview, you can select the expected flange size and the maximum airflow suitable for your needs on the left side.

  • Can Lightweight Filters

    Each Original Can-Filter uses our thickest granular-carbon packed-bed design to deliver the best performing Can-Filter on the market

  • Secret Jardin Filter

    The Secret Jardin filters are adapted to the Secret Jardin boxes, they simply click into place and are quickly installed and replaced - it couldnt be easier!

  • Can-Filters Inline

    The inline activated carbon filters are the latest innovation in the field of air filtration. Available for 200 mm and 250 mm pipe sizes. They can be easily integrated into existing systems without much effort. This makes it possible, for example, to filter the air twice when additional filters are used. The inline activated carbon filters can be integrated not only at the end but at any position in the air circuit, therefore they offer the best configuration possibilities for an optimal filtration of your supply and exhaust air. Easy integration into existing systems.
    Can be integrated at any position in the circuit.
    Allows filtration of both supply and exhaust air
    High filtration performance

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