Years ago Metrop fertilizer introduced a new generation of liquid bio-mineral fertilizers appreciated recommended and trusted in Holland by experienced professionals, but also used by hydroponic hobby growers. With Metrop liquid fertilizers each harvest is pushed to its maximum in weight but also in taste.

Metrop concentrated liquid fertilizers are made of the very best Macro- & micro- elements, these high quality raw materials make all Metrop fertilizers suitable for all mediums , whether you grow on soil, grow on coco or grow on hydroponic systems, for hobby or for professional crops, with Metrop fertilizer you start with a simple and easy line of products that only need an adjusted grow-schedule, depending on the grow-medium.
Metrop fertilizer always bring high quality buds & crops in weight and taste.
As a liquid soluble fertilizer for the hydroponic market, professionals know that Metrop fertilizer are very well balanced, biological degradable and leave no residue behind.

Metrop - Concentrated Liquid Fertilizers

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