From the very beginning, high quality was the most important characteristic of Hesi fertilizers and plant additives. Valuable additives such as amino acids, enzymes and plant sugar make every product a source of health for plants. Through intensive research into the secrets of plant metabolism, HESI has succeeded in developing an optimally balanced composition for each phase of the plant cycle. This results in a clearly arranged fertilizer range with universal use and not for every plant species its own special fertilizer! Extra vital substances increase the plant energy and act like balsam on the plants. This makes the care of indoor, garden and terrace plants a real pleasure.

In the Hesi factory in Kerkrade (Netherlands) all products are mixed, filled, packed and sent directly to the customer. The production is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and the integrated operating software inseparably links the business processes for stock, production, wholesale and financial accounting. This guarantees optimal transparency and needs-optimized production. Short downtimes in the warehouse, first-in-first-out, batch numbers and EAN-13 codes are a matter of course. Simple applications, detailed information and unambiguous colour coding facilitate correct use for plant lovers, and free brochures and info sheets support this. The love of detail is reflected in the plant physiology articles by Siglinde Winkler, a graduate engineer.

Hesi - High Quality Fertiliser

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