Atami: expert in plant nutrition and naturally innovating since 1997

Liquid plant nutrition, stimulators and boosters have become more and more essential in the life of both the experienced and the beginning grower.

Naturally innovating
To meet this growing demand Atami B.V. has been busy since 1997 to compose the best products for you and your crop. We’re constantly innovating, and we do this in a natural way. We take into account all life on our planet – and in the universe of course. Sustainability is a very important aspect to us as well.

A broad product range with a wide selection of products for any method of growing has been created. By continuously testing and improving its products, Atami can meet high quality standards.

Without a doubt you want to take care of your crops during their whole growth cycle. When it comes to liquid plant nutrition, we developed several products. They all have their own nutrient cocktail with secondary nutrition elements. These elements are essential for an optimal growth in the formation of cell walls and the absorption of light energy.

Boost your crop
In addition to the basic products, Atami also offers various boosters and stimulators. Boosters provide a good stimulus to soil and affect the micro-organisms and bacteria in the soil. In addition, the boostersalso contain essential micronutrients that the plant itself can’t produce.

We developed stimulators for the roots and flowers of your crop. The roots will get an explosive growth and the stimulatorhas an inhibiting effect on soil diseases. Stimulatorsfor the flowers ensure that the flowering phase becomes longer and more intense. It increases the sugar content of your crop whose flowers will get heavier, bigger, sweeter and more compact.

Products for the whole growth cycle
When you’re cultivating, you can find everything you need for the whole grow cycle in Atami’s product range. All Atami products are of a pure quality and highly concentrated. This makes the products economical in use and optimally balanced. In that respect Atami products can be used for almost any crop

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