Master Extract 700

Master Extract 700

Master Extract 700

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Extractor tube designed for extracting essential oils from aromatic and medicinal plants.

MasterExtractor offers many advantages. It is the first extractor tube designed for industrial use with a very competitive price. Manufactured in 316 stainless steel so as not to alter the extraction, besides being much cleaner and easier to clean than other materials.

These tubes are ideal for pulling out the trim generated by the MasterTrimmer peelers or the hand-generated trim. It will be possible to extract resin without having to make great preparations with the vegetal material, already taking advantage of the trim or with flowers directly.

To ensure quality extraction it is imperative to use refined gas canisters without impurities, thus ensuring that we contaminate the extraction.

Model 700mm length and inside diameter of 66mm comes with

  • Tripod for stability
  • It has fast flanges for easy access when opening and / or closing the tube without need for threads.
  • It comes from rubber seals so that the tube is completely sealed, which the quick flanges are responsible for closing and tightening.
  • Filter of 60 micras not to dirty the extraction with vegetal material. Also includes 2 filter spare parts.
  • It has a mechanism to attach 3 gas cans at a time and automatically tighten them without having to hold them.
  • Possibility to attach the MasterExtractor accessory and lengthen the tube to the desired size.

Capacity: 650-700 gr (dry and grinded)